Human-driven genAI for customer service

Automate responses and boost agent productivity with customized AI workflows. Access Control Center to track and optimize genAI performance, enhance knowledge bases, and ensure agents excel with AI.

Build genAI workflows

Automate responses with genAI to build your first deflection wall. For more complex tickets, add dynamic ticket routing and advanced copiloting to equip agents with real-time resources. Drastically reduce your average handle time across all digital channels.
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Stop overpaying

Experience cutting-edge LLM generation without the hefty price tag. With Cobbai, you only pay for the genAI you use. No middlemen, just direct access at LLM costs.
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Unlock Cobbai Control Center

Your ultimate guide for AI-driven leaders. Effortlessly empower your genAI workflows with precise control over processes, knowledge, and agents. Elevate your AI strategy and unlock GenAI’s full potential with Cobbai’s Control Center.


Blueprint your AI strategy

Access our proprietary Control Center to track your genAI performance across contact reasons. Let Cobbai identify and fix process inefficiencies by creating customized workflows. Deploy AI only where it excels to avoid genAI pitfalls and optimize costs. Use our testing modules, including sandboxes and A/B tests, to refine your strategy and adapt to complex challenges.
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Elevate your knowledge bases with AI

Control Center continuously improves your knowledge bases by identifying content gaps, low-performance articles, and redundancies. It actively recommends updates or new sections. This enhances self-care, speeds up agent responses, and boosts genAI performance.
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Set your agents up for AI success

Correlate AI usage with agent performance and quality via the Control Center. Address training needs to increase expertise and ensure AI adoption, boosting agent productivity. Accelerate training of new teammates and foster knowledge transfer from experienced agents, ensuring continuous skill development and lasting service excellence.
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Lacking genAI control from your current provider?

Control Center integrates seamlessly with most popular AI tools, allowing you to monitor AI performance, manage costs, and elevate your customer support capabilities.

Leverage feedback with VOC lab logo voice of customer
Track the evolution of customer inquiries over time to assess the effectiveness of your actions and identify persistent issues. logo voice of customer
Send signals within your company to transform support into a vital link between your customers and the broader organization. logo voice of customer
Understand the voice of your customer and delve into the root causes of inquiries by running sentiment and segmentation analyses.
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White 3d z for Cobbai sales contact
White 3d T block for knowledge base center
White 3d cube for customer support process

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Discover our network of customer service experts

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Seif logo Cobbai expert
Experts in customer relations
Zendesk trainers & integrators
Talisker logo Cobbai expert
CX & management consulting
Smart'CX logo Cobbai expert
CX & relationship marketing consulting
Onepilot logo Cobbai expert
Customer care outsourcing
Kared logo Cobbai expert
Customer success consulting
Micka're logo Cobbai expert
Customer service experts


Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) is vital for making Large Language Models (LLMs) work better. It combines retrieval and generation to provide powerful and affordable solutions for understanding language. By using huge amounts of data, RAG tailors responses for different tasks, making it essential for getting the most out of language models.

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technical support
Zendesk logo Cobbai integrationIntercom logo Cobbai integrationGorgias logo Cobbai integrationSalesforce logo Cobbai integrationHubspot logo Cobbai integrationFreshdesk logo Cobbai integrationJira logo Cobbai integrationSlack logo Cobbai integration

Instantly integrated into your favorite help desks

Strengthen your customer support ecosystem with one-click integration into your tech stack.

Leading support teams trust Cobbai


Unlimited workflows opportunities

“Cobbai has truly been a game-changer. It provided us with a clear, data-driven view of what our customers report. Thanks to this - and the excellent support from the Cobbai team - we are improving the content of our Help Center and implementing automated responses, all within just a few weeks.”
Adrien Fernandez
Operations Efficiency Manager
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Deliver rapid responses

"Waltio is a b2c SAAS that helps taxpayers declare their cryptos. The difficulty is the variability of our business and the complexity of requests as the crypto ecosystem evolves very quickly. Cobbai has helped us to categorize our entire history and thus have a clear mapping of customer requests. This mapping is now also automated by Cobbai for each incoming ticket. Cobbai also helps us to deliver a rapid response to the customer thanks to AI based on our documentation."
Sylvain Ramaradjou
Head of Care
A man trading crypto on his laptop with Waltio logo in blue


Patients have their voice

"Cobbaï a vraiment changé la donne pour nous. Il nous a donné une vue claire et basée sur les données de ce que nos utilisateurs rapportent. Grâce à ça (et au superbe accompagnement des équipes Cobbaï), on améliore le contenu de notre Help Center et on met en place des réponses automatiques, tout ça seulement après quelques semaines à peine."
Chiara Conti
Global Go-to-Market Specialist
A doctor speaking to a patient with Doctolib logo


Monitor knowledge & topics

“We needed to classify requests by domain and severity and we had an underutilized documentation and FAQ repository.
Cobbai directly integrated with our ticketing system. It allows us to automatically sort incoming tickets by subject and access the best previous responses for each topic.
Integrating our knowledge base enables us to offer users answers based on our FAQs. We’ve saved time on routing and gained a better understanding of post-sale issues, allowing us to respond more quickly with corrective maintenance.”
Régis Baudouin
A woman wearing a white t-shirt with the Eksae logo


Every feedback count

"We have been using Cobbai for a few months now and it has helped us immensely to structure the large amounts of comments we receive from our travelers. Theobald / The Cobbai Team is incredibly helpful and reactive. They have helped us to properly set up our Cobbai Verbatims Map and are constantly available to show us how to make the best use of the tool and how to use it in the most efficient way. We are curious to discover all the other functions available through this tool and know with Cobbai we can count on a reliable partner to help us set up further actions and gain even more insights"
Lisa Schade
Quality & Customer Satisfaction Manager
Hiker in a green landscape with Evaneos logo in yellow

Take control of your genAI

Monitor and fine tune your customer service AI today.
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Access our proprietary Control Center to track your genAI performance across contact reasons.
Access our proprietary Control Center to track your genAI performance across contact reasons.
Access our proprietary Control Center to track your genAI performance across contact reasons.
Access our proprietary Control Center to track your genAI performance across contact reasons.