Improve profitability and efficiency of your customer service


Increase customer satisfaction by processing your tickets faster and better

Deal with growth in your business by keeping customer satisfaction at the highest
Step 1

Decrease ticket processing time

Artificial intelligence analyzes each incoming ticket to detect its main topic. Your agents no longer have to manually tag the tickets, the artificial intelligence takes care of it and automatically assigns it to the right person.
Step 2

Provide the right answer to your customers

Our artificial intelligence algorithms learn from your data and knowledge base. Once the ticket has been assigned to the right operator, Cobbaï suggests the appropriate answers to the customer.
Step 3

Optimize the cost of customer support

By analyzing tickets, Cobbaï helps you identify recurring issues and those that are most costly for your company. You enable product and marketing departments to prioritize their roadmaps through the voice of the customer.
Enhance your texts with AI
Artificial Intelligence

A scalable Customer Service thanks Artificial Intelligence

Hyper-growth start-ups and scale-ups are facing an infinite flow of customer feedback. Speed and precision are a must for the Care teams. That's why Cobbaï offers to free your teams from manual tasks.
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