Improve profitability and efficiency of your customer service


Analyze customer feedback at the click of a button

Cobbaï collects and cross-references customer feedback from all your channels. Artificial intelligence allows you to understand everything without reading everything.
Step 1

Analyse customer verbatim

Your data is analyzed and modelised in a playful way to allow you to identify recurring themes, understand the voice of the customer and make it objective within your company.
Step 2

Identify the friction points in the customer journey.

Cobbaï allows you to identify the friction points and eliminate the elements that degrade the customer experience. Thanks to artificial intelligence we are able to identify and quantify the customer issues that have the most impact on your business.
Step 3

Share the Voice of the Customer within the company

Cobbaï centralizes the voice of the customer to allow business teams (product, care, marketing...) to prioritize their respective roadmaps. All departments within the company benefit from insights to deliver a customer-centric service.
Artificial Intelligence

Improve your Net promoter score (NPS)

Track product and service improvements at every stage of the customer journey. Cobbaï provides you with the information to drive actions that have a measurable impact on your customers' satisfaction.
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