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Don’t bother reading but... still understand!


Do it in a few clicks

3 use case to identify trends in your texts and automate the right decisions
Use case 1
agent care
Manage customers tickets
Use case 2
satisfaction client
Build customer voice
Use case 3
Analyse survey
Step 1

Centralize Data

Cobbaï is an omni-channel platform that allows you to centralize the voice of your customers in one place.
Step 2

Manipulate trends

Discover an intuitive way to manipulate trends. Simple and fast! As easy as if you were working with figures on Excel.
Step 3

Automate actions

What to do with each new customer verbatim? What actions should be taken? Cobbaï offers automated workflows to maximize customer satisfaction.

The No-Code Platform to turn text into actions

cobbai core Netflix-quality UX As intuitive to manipulate text with Cobbaï as watching series on Netflix
cobbai core Powerful AI As powerful to analyze text with Cobbaï as to analyze numerical data in Excel

They have a lot to say

Barthélémy Kiss, COO at
Thanks to Cobbaï, we easily understand the nature of the thousands of public discussions that take place on Powder in order to improve our product.

Cobbaï allows us to qualify thousands of textual data present on our platform in just a few clicks. This enables us to precisely qualify trends which leads to concrete product actions (development of new functionalities)."
It's easier than Excel just to manage 100 Excel rows of texts. Thanks to Cobbaï, I could deep dive into Sanofi's digital projects in few minutes
Samuel Pechenart, Portfolio Management Team at Sanofi
Romain Vital Durand, Project Leader at Veolia Eau
Cobbaï helped me to analyze the answers of an internal survey. It was easy to learn and the support was excellent. The artificial intelligence produced relevant clusters that allowed me to go faster in the analysis and to produce visuals on which to communicate.

An AI that understands many things

A polyglot AI
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