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Free your teams from manually analyzing customer feedback. Cobbaï collects and cross-references customer feedback from all your channels. Artificial intelligence allows you to understand everything without reading everything.
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Better understand your survey results

Cobbaï is the SaaS platform that allows you to stop reading each individual survey response. Our artificial intelligence collects, analyzes and models the information from your questionnaires in a fun way. Use our artificial intelligence to take a more systematic approach to your survey results. Cobbaï analyzes all responses and identifies overall trends using an unsupervised clustering algorithm.
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Improve the quality and reliability of questionnaire analysis

Explore customer and user feedback without biasing answers with closed questions. Ask open-ended questions without worrying about processing time and increase your analysis capabilities tenfold. Cobbaï makes it easy and fast to analyze results. The platform is used by companies that want to better understand their customers' behaviors, opinions and interests.
Romain Vital Durand, Project Leader at Veolia Eau
Cobbaï helped me to analyze the answers of an internal survey. It was easy to learn and the support was excellent. The artificial intelligence produced relevant clusters that allowed me to go faster in the analysis and to produce visuals on which to communicate.
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