Screeb combines product analytics, in-app surveys, in-app messages and releases management for product teams.
Screeb combines product analytics, in-app surveys, in-app messages and releases management for product teams.

Connect it to Cobbai and unlock new CX powers

Connect your survey platform such as Screeb and bring your customer experience to the next level.

You can use Screeb as an input connector to one of our workflows. Cobbai will automate the analysis of the survey answers you receive from your customers via Screeb. Our proprietary algorithms will then help you categorize and qualify these answers as well as give you a clear snapshot of your customers’ sentiment. Your data from Screeb will also automatically feed your cluster map. This will allow you to better identify important topics and new trends among your customer feedback.

You can go one step further with our workflows by combining Screeb with an output connector. For instance, you can raise an issue you identified in your survey by sending a message to a specific team in Slack. Or you can gather product suggestions in Screeb and automatically add them to your product roadmap in Productboard.

By pairing Screeb with Cobbai you will be able to improve your CX metrics like never before.

Cobbai's AI edge

Combining Screeb with Cobbai will rapidly enhance your customer experience. With the power of our workflows, you will be able to fully utilize your customers’ answers gathered with Screeb and execute high-impact CX actions in other applications.

This is how we make a difference, by using adaptive AI, Cobbai will build on its knowledge of your customer feedback and help you automate actions. Cobbai brings you flexibility and turns cumbersome tasks into easy workflows that will improve the CX metric of your choice in no time. You save time and cost as your teams can focus on important topics and you get happier customers.

For instance, building on Screeb’s survey results you will be able to upsell promotors, take care of detractors or identify market trends.

One more thing: our AI far surpasses the results of other feedback platforms’ native AI. At Cobbai, we have developed a proprietary AI that is adaptive. This translates into a unique understanding of your company’s customers therefore a better precision score vs. traditional AI.

Lastly, our AI is also transverse. Other feedback platforms’ native AI is siloed and restricted to the data you receive in them. Meanwhile, Cobbai learns and improve from the data of all the connectors you decide to plug. This results in more accurate analysis, more bespoke solutions and overall better customer experience.

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